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Caramoan Islands: Hidden Treasure of Bicol Region

We just wanted a nice white sand beach located somewhat far from our traditional Luzon-Batangas beaches.  And we came across this "somewhat isolated" place called Caramoan.  Located in North-East part of Camarines Sur, it's a place of limestone formations, creamy sand beaches, clear sea water and starfishes, not to mention favorite location of foreign Survivor series.

Cotivas Island.  The Sand Bar Beach of Caramoan.

Having to be picked up by the travel agent at Naga airport to Caramoan was never an option, we wanted some adventure.  With the help of Mr. Magtanong and some charms, we were able to get out of the secluded Naga Airport, get to the National Road, know where we can have our breakfast, and where we can get a ride to Sabang Port.

It was only 7 in the morning and the mall was not yet open, so sad that we had to walk about 500 meters with more or less 10 kilos of baggage on our shoulders just to get to the nearest fast food chain.  

"Ayun malapit lang" seems to be so far, hehehe.
From Naga, we took a public van ride to Sabang Port.  It took us about 3 hours travel, nothing to do but enjoy the rainy view outside the window, watch how we move away from Mount Isarog and pray that rain will not follow us up to Caramoan. 

About 1 and a half hour from Naga Terminal
Straight ahead. Please no more rain.

Sabang Port is just a turn away.
We missed the 10 am trip, so we needed to wait for about an hour for the next trip.  Almost nothing to do at the port except for kulitan, sight seeing and picture taking. 
Sabang Port while waiting for the boat ride to Guijalo Port, Caramoan.
View from Sabang Port.  Mount Mayon and Mount Isarog.

Sabang port to Guijalo Port will be about 2 hours ride on a pumpboat. The boat will just run some few hundred meters from shore, might as well enjoy the shore line than be bored sitting around, you cannot even sleep into the soundy motor anyway.  Shore line where mostly trees and rocks, some few communities, resorts i guess, some fisher folks. I think were up to a very isolated community, i can feel tranquility...

First Barangay.  How many more to go?
Islet.  Looks like a private island.
Some of the small white sand beaches.
hills, hills, and hills.

Arriving at Guijalo port was such a relief. After that 7 hours travel, by air, land and water, and not to mention waking up early to catch up the early flight, we are like zombies longing to be fed and babies wanting to be pampered.  The thought of having bountiful, mouth-watering lunch, and laying flat on bed has finally at our reach.  But wait! It's just a port? Need to ride again?  But this time, it was some interesting ride:p

Tricycle ala-Caramoan Style.

After the 15-minute tricycle ride, we were, at last at our vacation house.  Residencia de Salvacion accomodates us for the 3-day stay in Caramoan and gave us a vacation that is worth keeping.  Entering the house seems so homely, warmly welcoming us to their beautiful abode.  Well, first thing first! Let's have our Lunch.
Residencia's dining hall with beautiful ladies.
Bicolano's specialty.  Laing.

Residencia offers many room but we choose to sleep on a one-bed-one-person room.  No one would like to share a bed, every one would like to keep each others sleeping secret, hehe.  After the sumptuous lunch, time to rest and prepare for the day 1 tour.

Our room for the next 2 days.

Set to go.
Day 1. Sight "seaing". Another tricycle ride to Paniman, where island hopping begins.  First stop - Lahus and Matukad Islands.  Who says it's hard to endure a 30-minute "soundy" motor boat ride? With this views? Any one wouldn't hear a thing but feel the blowing wind with a wowwing eyes.

As much as we would like to conquer this islet, well, we prefer to have our boat intact.  

One of the few isolated baranggays.
We are group of non swimmers, so this one is for our eyes only.

How fun would it be to jump off from one of these cliffs and plunge into the water?
So near yet so far.
For your eyes only. 
Lahus Island.
Inside Lahus Island.
Left side of Matukad Island.  Best place to enjoy the water without the sun.
Matukad Island.

With camera man of Survivor India.

Our ride.


Day 2. The "S" day:p.  Islands, Sea, Sand, Sun, Starfishes and SUNBURN.  The beaching begins. We came to enjoy everything Caramoan can offer, so why would we mind the flaming heat of the sun. Enjoying the weather.  Enjoying the sun.  Enjoying the beach.  Laugh all we want.  Swim all we want.  Just enjoying the beautiful nature of Caramoan and have fun.

On our way to Cotivas Island.  The Sand beach of Caramoan.  About 40 minutes boat ride from Paniman.

Calm sea, clear water and seaweeds. And starfish?
Can you see the fish fences?
Smile ladies, and feel your skin while they're still glowing.
First Stop.  Cotivas Islands, the Sand bar Beach.

Floating cottages.
Sands, footprints, floating kubo and pretty ladies.
Sunglasses on.
Attempting to do a perfect jump shot.

We'll be having our lunch on that island.  Sabitang Laya.
Sabitang Laya.  Some of the french survivor challenges where taken here.

Let's have some lunch.
Taking refuge under the leafy tree.  Enjoying a crabbie lunch with the girls.

Starfish every where.

Well, who got the real Patrick?


At low tide.
How high can we get?
Endurance challenge anyone?

Back to the leafy tree.  Sun, your too hot to endure:p

let's go for a swim.
If we'd only pay attention to the swimming class, we wouldn't be wearing these orange thing.
Day 2 sunset.

Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel.
The sun is setting for the remote island of Caramoan.

After the day, whew, what can i say, "ang hapdi" but i enjoyed!  Skin is burning red.  What can sunblock do for hard headed skin owners?  Last night, last dinner, lets be full and merry but no alcohol please...

I can see lines:p
Five minus one. 
Adobong sitaw, pritong isda, cucumber in mango sauce.

Time to say byebye Caramoan. It surely is a vacation worth keeping.  Till our next vacation guys.:)

Nice room, but we wouldn't fit in here anyway.

With Residencia Staffs.
The pretty bakasyonistas.

The signage says . . . 

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